VSI Parylene Team, operator inspecting quality

Working With Us

VSI Parylene Team


VSI Parylene has discovered that innovation occurs when we make our technology accessible and when we truly collaborate with you. We partner in an open, transparent process to work closely with you to ensure success.

Our goal is to be the most efficient, reliable, and trusted part of your supply chain process.

Our team of engineers, technicians, inspectors, and staff synchronizes our approach. Auditing and quality assurance matters.

From prototype to production, our customers have experienced going from concept, design, test runs to ramping up into full, high-volume production with VSI Parylene. And we are all-in from the beginning through implementation until we reach the results you expect.

Synchronized Approach

Our parylene process enables designers of leading-edge products to design differently in order to achieve desired results. At VSI Parylene we are committed to developing and implementing precision parylene coating processes as we come to understand your complete project. VSI’s dedicated team invests time upfront to Learn, Invent, and Produce.

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    This is the first stage of the relationship. We listen to our customers’ needs and understand their technical and/or business demand for parylene coating. We educate the customer on parylene, the process, and our company. We make sure parylene is the right fit and consult on changes to the design or recommend alternatives.

  • Invent.
      If an inquiry looks like a good fit for parylene, we start working together more closely to develop a customized process. This is where the rubber hits the road. We perform engineering coating runs and proactively problem-solve along the way. The goal is to create a robust process that is in line with the customers’ demand and quality requirements.

  • Produce.
       We can dedicate work cells, optimize inventory levels, monitor supply chain development, track on time delivery, ensure quality, and build efficiency into the process. We always work on continually improving and being dynamic with the market needs.