VSI Parylene Adhesion Technology

Adhesion Technology

Adhesion Technology

Achieving  adhesion between the parylene coating layer and the component substrate is critical to the effectiveness of the coating.  VSI Parylene offers a variety of solutions that allow us to achieve the results you are looking for.

A-174- Wet Solution 

The most common adhesion promotion used is a liquid A-174 silane and isopropanol mixture.  During this process parts are submerged in a series of liquid baths that rinse and modify the surface energy of the substrate.  A-174 works well from a wide variety of surfaces, but it does have some limitations.  Some products can’t be submerged in liquid and certain substrates require more suitable chemistries.

Dry Adhesion 

A plasma treatment can also be used to activate and prepare a surface before coating.  Plasma preparation doesn’t expose the parts to liquid and we can customize recipes for specific components and assemblies.  Note that we can also apply plasma after parts have been coated to promote adhesion to the parylene layer, this is useful when the next operation requires over molding with silicone or gluing with epoxy.

Kaphesion for Kapton® and Polyimide

Problems with parylene adhesion to Kapton® and Polyimide?  VSI Parylene has developed a proprietary adhesion prep process we call KAPhesion™ specifically for Kapton® and Polyimide. This allows parylene to provide long-term barrier protection on flex circuits.  Learn more about VSI Parylene’s Advanced Adhesion Technology.  

Custom Recipes

The components and assemblies we frequently work with are complex and built with a combination of materials which can introduce adhesion challenges.  VSI Parylene’s engineers have successfully solved complex adhesion challenges with custom designed experiments and research into surface interactions.

A note on cleanliness…In order to achieve repeatable and reliable adhesion, we work with customers to ensure parts come to us free of any greases, oils, fluxes or other contaminants.  The cleaner the surface we start with, the better adhesion we can achieve.

Ask an Engineer about your own application and let us impress you! Because each customer’s part is unique, our engineers bring their extensive experience in fixturing and manufacturing processes to ensure that every part is coated to rigid specifications. With experience in industries as diverse as medical, semiconductor, military/aerospace, and PCBs/electronics, VSI Parylene’s outside-the-box approaches to coating parts have made us an industry leader. For products requiring innovative solutions, there is no better choice than VSI Parylene.