VSI Parylene

VSI Parylene protects your critical components and devices. We have a Proven Process to go from first inquiry to final process. Our unique technology and committed resources solve problems. R&D requires engineers to define a goal and discover a path to succeed. Our team works hard meet and exceed expectations.

We lead the industry in developing solutions for unique demands. Lean techniques and continuous improvement allow us to scale up. What this means for our customers is:

  • scaleable, robust coating processes
  • focused quality
  • responsive lead times (from two weeks to two days, in some cases).

Our exclusive approaches to coating parts have made us an industry leader. We take a fresh look at every customer’s part and provide custom solutions. For critical parts needing innovative solutions, your best choice is VSI Parylene.

We continue to explore new ways of applying parylene coating technology to create product breakthroughs.

Case Studies

Solutions, problem-solving, results, impact, and turning big ideas into action. Click below to read case studies describing some of work we’ve done for clients.

Corrosion Protection For Implant

Dielectric Protection For Patients

Barrier Layer for Sensitive Chemistry

Accelerated Development