Quality, Filmetrics


Quality Management

With years of experience in accommodating the rigid standards of industries as diverse as medical devices, semiconductors, and military-aerospace, VSI Parylene’s goal isn’t to meet – but to exceed – our customers’ expectations.

Whether through our ISO 9001: 2008 international standards certification, ANAB accreditation, clean room coating capabilities, or our trainings through Manufacturer’s Edge, VSI Parylene is committed to quality and to meeting the most stringent of quality requirements. That commitment shows through on every completed order.

Beyond the production process, our quality control standards include the use of a proprietary machine vision systems and the use spectral reflectance systems to ensure accurate and repeatable thin-film thickness measurements.


Our Quality Policy is prominently posted throughout our building and we perform this way on a daily basis:

“VSI Parylene continuously strives to be our customers’ supplier of choice. We are committed to achieving ongoing customer satisfaction by continuously improving upon the quality of our services and the effectiveness of our management system.”

We strive for continuous improvement for ourselves and our customers. Each customer’s design, production plan, and schedule is continually evaluated and optimized for optimal efficiency.

Cleanroom Coating Capabilities

Our certified class 10,000 clean room is evidence of our dedication to our customers’ quality requirements and was built as part of our custom building expansion. For customers requiring a high level of cleanliness, VSI can process parts in an environment that more effectively eliminates particles to protect parts from contamination. For engineers within the medical device industry, this requirement is critical.

Download the engineer's comprehensive parylene properties guidebook