Conformal Coatings for Automotive Applications

VSI Parylene’s conformal coatings for the automotive industry provide long-lasting protection for sensitive electronics and other components from moisture, corrosion, fumes, chemicals, dust, solvents, temperature, and more. Automotive engineers who require barrier protection and dielectric insulation in an ultra-thin conformal coating turn to VSI Parylene.

Parylene forms an ultra-thin polymer layer on almost any substrate with superior crevice and multi-layer penetration, and with its unsurpassed barrier protection, automotive parylene is used in a variety of applications. For example, the gold wires used in some sensors is often coated with parylene. Other times, whole sensors are coated in parylene to withstand the harsh environment as well as gas fumes or other pollutants.

Due to advances in electric vehicle (fuel cell) technology, vehicles are relying on computers and circuit boards more and more. Increased use of other renewable energies makes vehicle manufacturers turn to parylene as the solution to many engineering problems.

Find out how parylene can help – contact a VSI engineer about your application.

Automotive Electronics
Digital Displays
Emissions Sensors and Systems
Fuel Cells
Gaskets and Seals
LEDs for Vehicle Lighting
Monitoring Systems
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and PCB Assemblies (PCBAs)
Sensors and Sensing Systems
Silicone Keypads