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Conformal Coatings for Microelectronic Components

Modern electronic and microelectronic components are more rugged and mobile than ever and require protection against moisture, corrosion, and temperature extremes. VSI Parylene’s superior dielectric properties, pinhole-free ability to penetrate crevices and multiple layers, and its ultra-thin film which adds minimal mass, give it unparalleled suitability and make it the conformal coating of choice for electronics and LED manufacturers worldwide. Parylene does what other microelectronic coating technologies can’t. It’s inherent barrier properties protect delicate components and devices from dust and debris, fumes, corrosion due to salt water spray, chemicals, or solvents, and more.

Safe for Sensitive and Delicate Components

The nature of the parylene coating process makes it ideal for the most sensitive of components. The vapor deposition process occurs at room temperature, thus there is no curing involved and no thermal or mechanical stresses applied to your components, which ensures their reliability and long product life.

Download the engineer's comprehensive parylene properties guidebook

Dielectric Protection for Electronics

See the chart below for Parylene C’s insulation properties at various coating thicknesses, or visit our Parylene Properties page for full specifications of both Parylene C and Parylene N. For special applications, ask an engineer to learn more.

(1 mil = 0.001″)
1 0.4 220
2.5 0.10 550
5 0.20 1,100
10 0.39 2,220
15 0.59 3,310

VSI Parylene is Your Solutions Provider

Manufacturers with strict design requirements need outside-the-box solutions. VSI’s engineers take a fresh approach to each part, and we often develop unique processes to meet customer requirements. Let VSI’s experts work with you to find the best way to coat any part, tumbled or static. Contact an engineer about your application today or request a quote about your specific parylene coating needs.

Backplanes Fiber Optic Components
Digital Displays
Ferrite Cores / Pressed Ferrite Cores / Magnets
Integrated Circuit (IC) Technology
LEDs (Video Displays, LED Billboards, Scoreboards, Marine Lighting,
Vehicle Lighting, Traffic Signals, and Transportation Signage)
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Motor Assemblies
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and PCB Assemblies (PCBAs)
Silicon Wafers
Sensors and Sensing Systems – Silicone Keypads
Surface-mount Technology (SMT) Circuit Boards
Thru-hole Circuit Boards
Wafer Level Testing