VSI Welcomes Diablo Sales

In follow-up to our previous post

Providing precision parylene coating services is a very rewarding experience. We get to see first hand how people use technology to reinvent what’s possible.

Parylene has so many functions that we call it the Swiss Army knife of molecular level coatings. We see start-up companies use parylene to build breakthrough products. Large medical device companies use parylene to help people live longer, healthier lives. Design engineers apply parylene to create ruggedized products that can be used in all environments.

One of the challenges VSI Parylene faces is letting people know that parylene exists. We often get asked, “What is parylene, and why should I use it?”.  Customers tell us it’s enlightening to learn how the deposition process works and how parylene can take their products to the next level.

We realized we needed more horsepower to spread the word. We searched for people that could engage with customers and help find solutions. We needed more creative problem solvers and experts in creating leading edge technologies.

We are pleased to announce that we have found a great fit with the Diablo Sales team. The Diablo team has seven experienced, customer-focused engineers. They have a consultive, technical approach that matches VSI Parylene’s philosophy.

The Diablo team will represent VSI in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii.