Accelerated Development


Start-up medical device company.


Client needed development of a manufacturable and scalable device based on lab concept.


We created a parylene moisture barrier and custom development process.


Manufacturer is able to produce medical device concept at scale safely and efficiently.

The Issue

A start-up medical device company with a tight development timeline contacted VSI Parylene to work on the development of an implantable medical device designed to help millions of people with a common sleeping problem.

Though the concept had been proven in the lab, the development of a manufacturable and scalable device based on the proof of concept design was still needed.

The Results

Given the key role parylene played as a barrier layer for the sensitive electronic implant, VSi worked closely with the engineering team to develop a coating that was able to expertly balance between adequate protection and simple manufacturability.

The Impact

Starting from the initial laboratory design, VSI’s collaborative problem-solving and transparent process resulted in an implantable device that satisfied strict regulatory requirements while meeting high-efficiency manufacturability needs. Moreover, VSi Parylene’s expedited development services allowed the medical device manufacturer to stay on track without delaying any timelines for key qualification studies.

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