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Accelerated Development


A start-up medical device company with a tight development timeline contacted VSI Parylene to work with them on the development of an implantable medical device designed to help millions of people with a common sleeping problem.

The concept had been proven in the lab and they needed to develop a reliable high volume device based on the proof of concept design they had produced in the lab.  

The design needed to be developed quickly and the final device needed to be manufacturable and scalable.  



From the initial design, VSI worked closely with the product design engineers to build a device that could be more easily manufactured and simplified.

The design underwent several iterations and stringent testing as an implantable medical device.  VSI’s quick turn around on iterative engineering runs, ability to work closely with design engineers and transparent problem solving resulted in a device that meets the customer’s demands.  


VSI Parylene’s approach has kept the product development on track without delaying any customer timelines for qualification studies.  Since parylene coating is a critical barrier layer used to protect the electronic implant, the design recommendations provided have allowed the device to evolve into an elegantly crafted device that will improve the lives of millions of patients.

Ask an Expert about your own application and let us impress you! Because each customer’s part is unique, our engineers bring their extensive experience to ensure that every part is coated to your unique specifications.  For products requiring innovative solutions, there is no better choice than VSI Parylene.