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We are a forward thinking company that sees parylene as an important tool for advancing many of today’s leading technologies.

VSi Parylene logo white transparent

We are forward thinking company that sees parylene as an important tool for advancing many of today’s leading technologies.

About VSi Parylene

Technology is constantly evolving, changing with it the limits of what we believe is possible. Yet, what does remain constant is the uniquely powerful role innovation plays to transform entire industries. At VSi, innovation goes beyond simply providing parylene to its highest quality standard. We seek to advance the implementation of parylene technology, as a whole, to an entirely new level of performance. We believe that a single enhanced component, well-designed and expertly integrated into your production, has the potential to turn an interesting product into the best-in-its-class. This passion for reimagining what is possible is at the heart of the VSI approach. We welcome you to experience the difference.

A Transparent And Friendly Approach To Parylene


Synergy is at the heart of the VSI approach. By openly sharing our expertise with our customers, we are able to produce better and more customized results. In the end, this level of collaboration allows our customers to deliver smarter, smaller, safer and faster products to their end-customers.


VSI’s Total Solution helps simplify the parylene journey so customers can make better and more informed decisions for their business at each step. Our process-driven roadmap is designed to clarify value at each stage of the manufacturing process.


Parylene is an underutilized technology whose access has been traditionally limited by protective industry practices. Based on a forward-looking business model, VSi’s thoughtfully designed services provide new and flexible options for integrating parylene into your process than ever before.

VSi has a history of innovation in the parylene industry

2007 – 2012

Precision at scale


Vertical Solutions Inc (VSI) is founded by Steve Neely and Brian Behne to fill a need for high volume, high precision parylene applications.


A novel process is developed to coat semiconductor test probes used to test the then recently released Apple iPhone.


VSI heavily invests in developing facilities, equipment and people in order to meet demand driven by the aggressive increase in smartphone sales volume.


VSI coats over 40 million probes, proving its ability to provide precision parylene at scale.

VSi Parylene logo 2008-2012

2013 – 2015

Capacity and Capabilities expansion


Building on a culture of clarity and organization, VSI receives its first ISO 9001 certification. This begins VSI’s dedication to a world class Quality Management System.


VSI expands capabilities by adding additional equipment and installs its first clean room. Launches marketing efforts to communicate unique capabilities to new industries.

2015 – TODAY

Advancing Technology Together


VSI moves to a 22,000 square foot facility specifically designed for parylene coating operations.


Demand for VSI Parylene’s precision parylene coating and transparent approach drive demand from the medical device industry. VSI adjusts business to support industry needs.


VSI develops its coating Transfer model and works with a worldwide leading consumer products company to develop, train and install parylene coating systems onto their production floor. Coating installation is one of the largest capacity parylene lines in the world.


VSI receives ISO 13485:2016 certification, highlighting its commitment to the medical device industry. This makes VSI the industries only ISO 13485 certified parylene coating services provider. VSI also implements improvements to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 820.


VSi offers POD parylene coating equipment and parylene dimer to make parylene more accessible to a wider market.


Featured Service Partner on Chamfr.com helping engineers accelerate their device innovations.


VSi continues to offer the most innovative and accessible approach to integrate parylene into your product.

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Industry Leading Quality and Regulatory Compliance.

Work with a company that delivers results.