parylene electric properties

Dielectric Protection For Patients


VSI Parylene was approached by a leading robotic surgical tool manufacturer because they were seeing failures in the field caused by stray electrical paths.  Since the devices were already in use, a fast solution was needed to avoid injury and maintain customers trust.

The stray electrical paths were traced to small, critical components that were present throughout the system.  The design engineers had determined that the preferred solution would be to insulate the components from the rest of the system to eliminate the stray electrical paths.

The engineering team needed a coating that was conformal, approved for use in medical devices and could provide a high level of dielectric protection without taking up valuable space in the design.  Parylene was the perfect (perhaps only) solution.


VSI Parylene understood the critical nature of the problem and worked quickly with the customer to develop a coating solution.  A process was developed  that would apply a few microns of parylene to the critical areas of the component.

VSI Parylene provided extremely fast lead times during the iterative validation period that resulted in a validated solution in weeks instead of months.

The coated components were installed in all existing and new devices and the problem was resolved.  The devices and tools continue to help save lives.   


The collaborative efforts between VSI Parylene and our customer created a solution that prevented patient injury, maintained the reputation of the manufacturer and saved the device from recall.

This customer was especially pleased with the assurance, compliance, and performance that parylene demonstrated during testing of their small parts, as well as VSI Parylene’s synchronized approach and creative problem-solving solutions.

Ask an Expert about your own application and let us impress you! Because each customer’s part is unique, our engineers bring their extensive experience to ensure that every part is coated to your unique specifications.  For products requiring innovative solutions, there is no better choice than VSI Parylene.