Dielectric Protection for Patients


Leading robotic surgical tool manufacturer.


The client was experiencing in-field product failures.


VSI designed a customized solution that completely eliminated electrical stray paths without changes to their existing production process.


Manufacturer was able to immediately extend shelf life solving major distribution issues.

The Issue

VSI Parylene was approached by a leading robotic surgical tool manufacturer due to in-field product failures. As these devices were already in use, an effective solution required strict compatibility with existing production processes.

The engineering team needed a coating that was exceptionally conformal, approved for use in medical devices and could provide a high level of protection within the minimal space available in their product design.

The Results

Stray electrical paths were traced to key critical components that were present throughout the system. These components would require a very thin dielectric insulation in order to preserve the integrity and functionality of all other components in the assembly.

Working closely with the engineering team, a process was developed that accomplished complete dielectric control while minimizing production delays. During the implementation period, open collaboration led to a validated solution that allowed production to start back up weeks ahead of customer projections.

The Impact

Through expert collaboration, VSI Parylene was able to design a customized solution that helped prevent patient injury, maintained the reputation of the manufacturer and ultimately saved the device from recall.

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