Parylene Coating
as a Service

The fastest and easiest way to integrate parylene coatings into your products.

What is parylene coating as a service?

Parylene coating as a service offers companies the ability to apply parylene onto their products without having to perform the process themselves. Our dedicated VSi Parylene production facility includes unique in-house resources and capabilities to coat even the most complex project.


Why parylene coating as a service?

  • Easiest way to integrate parylene

  • Shortest time to production 

  • Work performed by experts

Dependable Parylene Supply Partner

Meet your parylene demand with production coating performed by experts.

Meet your product’s specific parylene coating requirements with a proven parylene production process that has been refined over millions of parts and thousands of iterations. Our engineers develop custom parylene deposition processes to meet your coating requirements and our ISO certified production team makes sure we meet your demand.

  • No equipment needed

  • No hiring and training

  • No learning curve

Flexible, Pay-As-You-Go Production

Meet your production goals with a parylene supply model that adapts to you.

Get the additional coating capacity you need to meet your demand or simply let VSi manage your total parylene demand. Accelerated process ramp-up allows parylene coating production to begin in as little as a few weeks. 

  • Flexible capacity as you need it.

  • Pay only to supply your demand.

  • 98% On-time delivery rate

Dedicated Engineering Resources

Access superior process engineering from parylene experts.

Parylene Development Lab™ brings people, resources and know-how together to ensure that today’s most exciting innovations make it to market. Our in-house Parylene Development Lab engineers handle the prototyping, process development and pilot production necessary to get your product ready to launch.

Parylene Development Lab™ Features

  • Engineering application team
  • Unique capabilities and resources
  • Does not interrupt existing production