Parylene Coating

as a Service

The fastest and easiest way to integrate parylene coatings into your products.

What is parylene coating as a service?

Parylene coating as a service offers companies the ability to apply parylene onto their products without having to produce it themselves. Our dedicated VSi Parylene production facility includes unique in-house resources and capabilities to coat even the most complex project.


Why parylene coating as a service?

  • Easiest way to integrate parylene
  • Shortest time to production 
  • Work performed by experts

Dependable Parylene Supply Partner

Meet your parylene demand with production coating performed by experts.

Meet your product’s specific parylene coating requirements with a proven parylene production process that has been refined over millions of parts and thousands of iterations. Our engineers develop and perform custom-tailored parylene deposition processes to meet even the most rigorous coating requirements.

  • No equipment needed
  • No hiring and training
  • No learning curve

Flexible, Pay-As-You-Go Production

Meet your production goals with a parylene supply model that adapts to you.

Get the additional production capacity you need or simply let VSi meet your total parylene demand. Fast ramp-up process allows parylene coating production to begin in as little as a few weeks. 

  • Flexible capacity as you need it.
  • Pay only to supply your own demand.
  • 98% On-time delivery rate

Dedicated Engineering Resources

Access superior process engineering from parylene experts.

Parylene Development Lab™ brings people, resources and know-how together to ensure that today’s most exciting innovations make it to market. Our in-house Parylene Development Lab engineers handle the prototyping, process development and pilot production necessary to get your product ready to launch.


Parylene Development Lab™ Features

  • Engineering application team
  • Unique capabilities and resources
  • Does not interrupt existing production

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