parylene dimers

Reliable, high-performance parylene dimers for every application.

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parylene dimer c


The most popular parylene type provides a combination of barrier and dielectric properties while also having the fastest deposition rate.

  • Most versatile barrier layer
  • Lowest total cost
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parylene dimer n


The base structure of the parylene group, offers the highest dielectric control and crevice penetrating power. 

  • High frequency applications
  • Dry lubricity (Elastomers)
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parylene dimer f


For parylene applications requiring higher continuous service temperatures and UV stability.

For medical devices and R&D use only. Contact us for details.

  • Higher Service Temperatures
  • Higher UV stability
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Quality. Performance. Transparency.

Coatings produced from VSi dimer are certified
Biocompatible per USP Class VI.

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All VSi dimers are certified Biocompatible per USP Class VI.

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High Purity

VSi dimer provides the greatest transparency in dimer purity.



VSi Dimer will meet or exceed the coating quality of competitor dimers.



VSi Dimer works seemlessly with all parylene deposition systems.

Satisfaction Guarantee

VSI stands by the quality and performance of its dimer. If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us within 60 days for support and/or a refund of the purchase price.

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