Making Parylene More Accessible to the Medical Device Industry

How is VSi Parylene Making Parylene More Accessible for the Medical Industry?   Parylene is a high-performance, conformal coating used to enhance the surface properties of critical medical device components. Surface treatment benefits include dry lubricity, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved biocompatibility and effective barrier protection against moisture, chemical and electrical damage.…

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The Essential Conformal Coating Comparison Guide

In This Guide: What is a Conformal Coating? Why Do I Need a Conformal Coating? Benefits of Conformal Coatings Case Study: Field Repair Cost vs. Coating Cost Common Applications by Industry What are the Major Types of Conformal Coatings? Conformal Coating Comparison Chart Advantages & Disadvantages for Each Coating Type How are Conformal Coatings Applied?…

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Parylene Frequently Asked Questions

Parylene FAQ Find answers to common parylene questions below   Is parylene biocompatible and implantable? Parylene is ISO 10993 approved for use as a medical biocompatible and implantable material. Is parylene fully submersible and waterproof? Yes, but the level of protection depends on coating thickness and usage.  Is parylene hydrophobic or hydrophilic? Parylene is hydrophobic. Does parylene require…

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Working with Parylene: Best Practices for Masking and Component Selection

Parylene Design Guidelines Parylene coatings are a unique type of coating that is applied directly onto surfaces as a vapor. It provides excellent dielectric strength and exceptional resistance to moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Because of its vapor coating method, parylene can be applied very thin and still provide excellent circuit board protection. Below we…

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VSi Parylene Announces the Release of Revolutionary Parylene Coating Equipment System for Transferable In-Line Parylene Integration

March 05, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time BROOMFIELD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VSi Parylene, a leader in waterproof, thin-film parylene conformal coatings for cutting-edge electronics and components, is pleased to announce the release of Parylene on Demand™ (POD) parylene coating equipment and ecosystem. For the first time ever, POD offers manufacturers a robust, out of the box…

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VSI Parylene- Medical Design and Outsourcing

Think VSI Parylene for thin, complete, pin-hole free coatings. VSI Parylene worked with Medical Design and Outsourcing to help educate its readers about parylene. As modern medical devices push the limits of technology, parylene coatings are finding more places to assist evolving technologies. Parylene, a conformal polymer coating that’s biostable and biocompatible, is suited to…

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