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Parylene as a medical device coating used for barrier layer protection.


Parylene coating protects medical devices from moisture, electrical charges, bodily fluids, and contamination.


Parylene coating medical devices, Parylene Dielectric layer on medical devices


Parylene coating provides electrical insulation that controls the electrical current path and prevents arcing.


Parylene coating medical devices, Parylene on Endoscope for dry lubricity


Parylene coating lowers surface friction to improve medical device control and reduce trauma to blood vessels for patients.


Parylene coating medical devices, Parylene as a drug adhesion tie layer on catheters and guide wires


Parylene coating promotes adhesion of drugs or lubricious coatings onto medical devices.


VSi Parylene’s Complete Guide To Parylene Coatings

A comprehensive guidebook with detailed information on parylene properties and the coating process. Includes a full comparison to other conformal coatings.

  • Parylene benefits and applications
  • How the vapor deposition process works
  • Detailed material properties of parylene
  • Compare parylene to other coatings
  • Design guidelines

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Protect and Enhance Your Products
with Parylene Coatings