Military and Aerospace

Parylene Coatings for Mission-Critical Protection

Military, defense, and aerospace engineers face complex challenges when designing sensitive components into mission-critical applications. Harsh outdoor environments (temperature, moisture, dust, UV, etc.), as well as exposure to chemicals, corrosion, gases, and fumes, require the unsurpassed protection of VSI Parylene’s conformal parylene coatings. Resistant to salt spray and chemically inert, parylene is safe from acid and alkaline and offers the ultimate in thin, lightweight, optically clear conformal protection.

VSI’s transparent approach to process development ensures that we get all the details right so your products won’t fail.  VSI Parylene is ITAR registered and we ensure compliance for sensitive defense products.

Approved in MIL Specs

Ready for any military or defense application, parylene is known as “Type XY” in MIL specs and is listed on the Quality Products List (QPL) for MIL-I-46058 and meets the requirements for IPC-CC-830. For a full list of parylene’s properties and full specifications, see our Parylene Properties page or contact an engineer about your specific application today.

Highest Level of Protection

The latest advances in smart technologies, like wearable sensors, wearable electronics, and smart clothing, rely on sensitive microelectronics and circuity components requiring the highest levels of protection from humidity, pressure, temperature, and other environmental variables. As a conformal coating, parylene is essential to the protection of printed circuit boards and assemblies, and its mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties make it ideal for use in defense, military, and aerospace applications.

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