semiconductor parylene, vertical probes


High Volumes, High Quality

For those in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, exacting standards are nothing new. At VSI Parylene we are experts in handling high-production volumes and managing the quality demands that must be met within the industry. VSI was originally founded to provide a scalable solution for the wafer level testing industry. As a result, our engineers understand this fast-paced industry’s challenges and have developed customized processes to meet them. We are proud to offer the high production volumes while meeting the strictest quality requirements.

Our experience ensures customer satisfaction and our team understands your regulatory, compliance, quality control, validation, and verification standards.

Wafer Level Testing

Vertical probes used in the wafer level testing industry demand superior conformal coating solutions. With probe diameters as small as 0.001”, and ever-increasing circuit density, probe quality and consistency is critical and requires precision that only parylene – and specifically VSI Parylene – can deliver.

Discuss your parts, design, or application with a VSI Parylene engineer today. Even if you are already using parylene and have encountered issues or problems that your current supplier cannot solve, VSI will help.

MEMS Probes
Ion Emitter Points
Micro-machined Components
PCB Assembly Pins
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and PCB Assemblies (PCBAs)
Probe cards
Semiconductor Probe Needles
Semiconductor Tools (including Capillary Deplugger Needles / Microhooks)
Surface-mount Technology (SMT) Circuit Boards
Test Probes / PCB Test Probes
Thru-hole Circuit Boards
Vertical Contact Probe Needles
Vertical Probes (including Cobra-style Probes, Custom-formed Probes,
and Micro-spring Wireforms)
Wafer Level Testing