Barrier Layer for Sensitive Chemistry


A focused engineering team from a research division of a leading-edge technology company.


Contaminants leaching from plastic packaging affected sensitive chemistry designed to protect technology.


VSI developed a thin barrier layer application eliminating contamination at source.


Manufacturer was able to immediately extend shelf life solving major distribution issues.

The Issue

The research division of a leading edge technology company contacted VSI Parylene in regards to an issue with contaminants leaching from its plastic packaging into a sensitive chemistry that was used to preserve their unique technology.

The contamination caused by the packaging strongly limited shelf life. Resulting in major problems within their distribution channels, ultimately limiting availability.

The Results

VSI developed a process to apply a few microns of parylene to act as a barrier layer, protecting the delicate chemistry and technology from the leaching plastic. Additionally, the application resulted in increased dry lubricity of the packaging that allowed for easier and cleaner removal of the final product.

The Impact

The barrier layer VSi Parylene provided immediately extended the shelf life of the customers technology, ultimately resolving distribution and availability issues. By modifying the surface, VSi also improved the experience the manufacturer had with their packaging solution.

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