Barrier layer for sensitive chemistry,

Barrier Layer for Sensitive Chemistry


The research division of a leading edge technology company contacted VSI Parylene in regards to issues with contaminants leaching out of the plastic packaging into a sensitive chemistry that was used to preserve their game-changing technology.

The contamination from the packaging limited the shelf life of their technology which was causing big problems with their distribution channels and limiting the availability of the product.



VSI was able to apply a thin layer of parylene to act as a barrier layer that protected the chemistry and technology from the leaching plastic.  Additionally, the lubricity offered by parylene allowed the customer to remove the final product more cleanly, making parylene a win-win for the customer.


The barrier layer parylene provided extended the shelf life and the modified surface improved the experience the customers had with the packaging solution.

The customer was extremely pleased with VSI’s customer service, as well as our 3 – 4 day average lead times, which allowed the customer to have peace of mind that their inventory would be back on the shelf quickly after coating.

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