Reliable, high-performance
parylene F Dimer

VSi’s F Dimer offers exceptional performance backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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parylene dimer f

All VSi dimers are certified Biocompatible per USP Class VI

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Parylene F Dimer Molecule

Parylene F Dimer

High Purity. High Temperatures. High Performance.

Parylene F brings allows for parylene performance at higher operating temperatures, along with similar barrier and dielectric protection of other parylene types.


high Purity

VSi dimer provides the greatest transparency in dimer purity.



VSi Dimer will meet or exceed the coating quality of competitor dimers.



VSi Dimer works seemlessly with all parylene deposition systems.

Satisfaction Guarantee

VSI stands by the quality and performance of its dimer. If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us within 60 days for support and/or a refund of the purchase price.

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VSi offers the best transparency on purity in the market.