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Parylene Biocompatibility — It Does A Body Good

The human body is like a fortress. It protects your organs on the inside while rejecting foreign invaders and pushing them outside. Typically, that’s exactly what you’d want it to do, but sometimes, we need foreign materials to be accepted, like in the case of transplants, rods in damaged bones and pacemakers. So, when designing… Read more »

VSI Parylene- Medical Design and Outsourcing

Think VSI Parylene for thin, complete, pin-hole free coatings. VSI Parylene worked with Medical Design and Outsourcing to help educate its readers about parylene. As modern medical devices push the limits of technology, parylene coatings are finding more places to assist evolving technologies. Parylene, a conformal polymer coating that’s biostable and biocompatible, is suited to… Read more »