Simplifying parylene at every stage.

We offer clear, straightforward services designed for all stages of your product’s life cycle.


Find out if parylene is the right solution for your product.


Optimize your production process for the best results.


Start coating your product with parylene on a large scale.


Add parylene deposition to your in-house production line.


Get equipment and supplies for your parylene production.

VSi Total Solution

Helping you succeed at every stage of the product lifecycle

VSi uses a simple and transparent process to take parts from concept to production. VSi’s Total Solution is designed to move customers through three key stages. We collaborate to determine the feasibility, develop a robust process and scale for production.

The Prototype, Develop and Scale phases all occur at VSi’s facility. For customers interested in transferring parylene to their factory floor, VSi offers parylene coating equipment and support.


your product

This phase is designed to test the feasibility of coating parylene for your products quickly and definitively. We also provide recommendations on how to improve your product’s parylene manufacturability. This initial step provides clear feedback on whether parylene is right for your product’s specific end-use.

  • Identify areas of potential improvement, with concrete improvement suggestions
  • Improve budgetary decision making based on quantified improvement potential

Available services

  • Feasibility/Proof of Concept Testing
  • Process Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Recommendations
  • Budgetary Pricing
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your process

After a successful application is established, the second step is to design a reliable coating process that is cost effective and able to deliver coated parts of high quality consistently. This phase is designed to provide you visibility and control through our process-driven quality management system (QMS) to ensure consistent results.

  • Establishment of work processes, quality assurance steps, process controls and documentation.
  • Reduction of customer risk through increased visibility and control over development process.

Available services

  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Workmanship standards
  • Fixture Design
  • Facilities Audit
  • Per Part Pricing
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your production

This phase provides you with the ability to ramp up your production capacity quickly at VSI with a reliable and locked process. Perfect for clients who require operational flexibility while maintaining high quality production.

  • Technical expertise, flexible production capacity, and production efficiencies that can minimize per-part coating cost.
  • Facilities, processes, and trained staff to meet broad industry requirements, including ISO, FDA, and ITAR.

Available services

  • Dedicated Capacity
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Volume Pricing
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our technology

As businesses and products evolve,  there can be strategic benefits to bringing parylene technology in-house.  VSi provides technology transfer options for clients who want maximum enterprise control over quality, production, cost and risk.

VSi offers the POD™ parylene coating equipment and eco-system to easily integrate parylene coating onto your factory floor. 

  • In-house parylene coating can lower the total cost of coating, eliminate lead times, provide exponential scalability and eliminate shipping and handling risks.
  • Complete transfer includes equipment, know-how transfer and ongoing support.

Available services

  • Know-how Transfer
  • Support
  • Equipment
  • Pilot Line at VSI
  • Setup
  • Coating at Cost
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Not finding what you’re looking for?

VSI offers comprehensive parylene services. Whatever your needs are, we can help. Please reach out to speak with a real parylene expert.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

VSI offers comprehensive parylene services. Whatever your needs are, we can help. Please reach out to speak with a real parylene expert.