About Parylene

What is Parylene?

Parylene is a unique conformal polymer coating that is applied at ambient temperatures inside specialized vacuum deposition equipment. This unique molecular deposition process, known as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), along with parylene’s innate material characteristics, yields highly desirable surface treatments not readily found in other conformal coatings.

These surface treatments include:

  • Thermal, UV and bio stability and compatibility
  • Exceptional moisture, chemical, and dielectric barrier
  • Superior dry (hydrophobic) lubricity
  • Controlled drug-release tie layer

What makes parylene special

Parylene achieves complete and effective barrier protection at just 1/10th the depth required by other coatings.

Parylene’s molecular process produces the most reliable conformal coatings available today.

Parylene offers the widest range of barrier protection found within one coating.

Up Next: Process

Parylene derives many of its benefits through its unique vapor deposition process. Learn the details of parylene deposition in the next section.

Deposition Process